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Name:Act Three
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Welcome to act_three, the community dedicated to Doctor Who companion Fitz Kreiner! Fitz (stage name Fitz Fortune) has appeared in numerous Eighth Doctor Adventures books and an audio production by Big Finish Productions. You can learn more about Fitz from his Wikipedia page or at the TARDIS Wiki.
-Welcome is any discussion involving Fitz Kreiner and the media in which he has appeared.
- Fanfic, fanart, icons, etc. etc. All Welcome!
- Not welcome is any trolling, flaming or general being-an-ass.
- Your entry should go behind a cut if: It's long (big pictures, more than 3 icons, more than 100 words of fic) or spoilery (discussion of novel arcs or the Big Finish audio.)

Act three? What's that about?
It's a reference to Fitz' first book, The Taint (stop giggling). He sees his life as...well, here it is in his own words, courtesy of Michael Collier:

"Life was a never-ending series of dramas, some big, some small. The same dramas, experienced again and again by different people all through history. Only the trappings and circumstances changed. You got a job. You bought a house. You met someone. You got married and moved into their house. You had an affair. You got the wrong person pregnant and they married your best friend. You wished you could marry your best friend.

Whatever, the point of it was that life was essentially a tried and tested series of dramas, with only a finite number of responses. People coped, or they were swamped. They made the wrong moves, took the right choices , made things worse and sank ever deeper or rose above their despair. Millions of people had proved this to be the measure of life, and proved also that the measure of the man was in how he lived it.

Why, thought Fitz Keiner, wasn't I born one of them?

If this was a drama, it wasn't a good, solid BBC effort, with all the posh voices and the weighty values. He felt stuck in a commercial break in his life drama. It could well be one of ITV's salacious Armchair Theatre programmes, and that would be wonderful, but he hadn't been paying proper attention and he'd never know until the damned bloody thing started again


Fitz sighed, and lit up a cigarette. That was meant to be end of Act One, he thought, pushing a hand through his unkempt, dark hair. Not the big finale."

Then a bit later:

"His first day of being a fugitive, and was he lying low? No, here he was screeching about the streets of London in a stolen car with an unconscious old man for company.

Act three was a real wow.

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