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I've been seeing pretty low participation in the eda read-along (and as such, it's been on an informal hiatus). I'd like to get everyone's thoughts on continuing or discontinuing it.

Would you like to see it continued and would you participate if it did? Is there anything different that you'd like to see happen?
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Hey everyone. I'm sorry that I dropped the ball with the last read-along post (or rather, the lack of one). But, as we've taken a bit of an unplanned break, it seems the perfect time to ask:

How are you feeling about the read-along? Are you interested in continuing, and at the same pace? Do you like participating in discussions, or just reading along without the discussion?
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Well, there's definitely interest in a read-along!

As most people are okay with starting in December, that's what we will do. I'll post up links on the first, and two weeks later we'll have our first discussion.
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Hello folks!

There's been some interest in doing a read-along of the Eighth Doctor Adventure Books in which Fitz appears, so I'm bringing it to the community to see how many members might be interested.

What would happen:

I would post up download links for PDFs of the EDAs and every two weeks (twice a month) we would have a discussion post to talk about what we liked and disliked about each book - and learn more about Fitz and the Doctor along the way!

My questions to you:

Are you interested in participating in the read-along?
Does two books a month work for you?
Should we start later this month or in December?
EDIT: It seems some people are interested in starting in January as well. Thoughts?

Anything else?
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Just a note that I've given a bit of an update to the look of the community. New banner. Have a look!


May. 9th, 2009 03:03 pm
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Hello, and welcome to [livejournal.com profile] act_three, the Fitz Kreiner community!

I thought that it was about time Fitz had a community of his own, especially since he'll soon be taking the leap from the EDAs to Big Finish. Welcome is discussion of the books and audio(s), fanfic and fanart, anything under the sun as long as it's Fitz related. Did you dress up like Fitz and play the local open mic? Let's hear about it!

Also, any questions about the comm, "should I post this?", affiliation etc. can be asked in this post or PMed directly to me.
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