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Hey, everyone! This is the discussion post for The Shadows of Avalon by Paul Cornell! Feel free to comment with any thoughts that you might have. If you need a bit of a reminder, you can check out the plot summary at the Doctor Who Reference Guide, or check the tags for the download link.

I've set up an IRC channel through Mibbit if you would like to discuss with us in a more rapid format. Go to http://www.mibbit.com/chat/, type in a nick and #act_three to join. Thanks, and If you have trouble feel free to leave a comment here. I'll be in the chat after 10 EST today - I hope to see you there!

Questions under the cut!

As the water shot up towards him, it occurred to him that dear old Geronimo would have been puzzled to hear that he was now remembered mainly by people who were about to fall from a great height. )
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Hello everyone! Our last discussion post hasn't had many responses, so if you've read Parallel 59 and have any comments to make feel free to stop by and do so.

Our next book in line is The Shadows of Avalon by Paul Cornell! haven't had the pleasure of reading this one, but anything with the Brigadier, Gallifreyan agents, and dragons dueling jet fighters can't be all bad! If you're so inclined you can find more information, along with a complete synopsis and continuity notes, at the Doctor Who Reference Guide.

For anyone that's new to the discussion, here's how it goes: We've been making our way through the EDAs (Eighth Doctor Adventure novels) that feature Fitz. I post up a PDF file of the next book in the line and two weeks later we have a discussion both here at the community and in an irc chatroom. Anyone and everyone is free to join in the conversation. It's great fun and we all discover more about our favorite characters. If you feel like catching up, take a look at the EDA read-along tag for the download links (or feel free to start with this one).

(click on the book to go to the download page)

Cover blurb under the cut! )


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