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Anywhere but Earth

(Zip of Everything)

So, I've posted a couple mixes here before (You can find my Fitz mix and my Interference/Ancestor Cell mix under the fanmix tag) but this is my first shot at an Eight/Fitz mix. It's set after the Doctor and Fitz reunite after the Doctor's 100 years on Earth. The Doctor's amnesia at that time interests me because it changes the dynamic of Fitz and the Doctor's relationship. Suddenly, Fitz knows more about the Doctor than the Doctor knows himself...and that's interesting. So I made a mix!

Here's the track list:

1. Brand New Colony (Live) - Ben Gibbard

I want to take you far from the cynics in this town
And kiss you on the mouth
We'll cut our bodies free from the tethers of this scene
Start a brand new colony
Where everything will change
We'll give ourselves new names
(Identities erased)

2. Tin Foil - Andrew Bird

Last night I dreamed that I dug my own grave
And I climbed down inside there to patiently wait
And down in the ground while I breathed the cold air
The blackbirds came down there to nest in my hair

3. Tears - Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelli

(Instrumental - Guitar/Violin)

4. Uh Oh - The Bloodsugars

I didn't notice what I was doing
I couldn't see we're headed for destruction
Didn't wanna tell you
I had a memory of good things from anywhere else

If you don't know it's me, touch me, take me
And how could anyone else?

You have no closure
I have no compass
We only know day after day

Didn't wanna tell you what you don't wanna hear
But find out on your own anyway

If you don't know it's me, touch me, take me
and how could anyone else?
If you don't see the dream, touch it, taste it
and how could anyone else?

5. Love over Mind - Mont Lyons

Flawless in theory, hunting the eerie love over mind
blessed with the sadness, holy to only the blind
oh, my child, speak easy and over the shrill
graveyards just grow, hiding the bones on the hill

6. There is a Light that Never Goes Out (Live) - Noel Gallagher

Take me out tonight
take me anywhere, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
and in the darkened underpass
I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last
but then a strange fear gripped me
and I just couldn't ask

Take me out tonight
oh take me anywhere, I don't care
I don't care, I don't care
driving in your car
I never never want to go home
because I haven't got one
no, I haven't got one

7. Wonderwall (Cello Version) - Oasis via the Vitamin String Quartet


8. Hold Your Secrets to Your Heart - Miracle Fortress

Hold your secrets to your heart,
where the love can build its heat,
it hurts when we're apart.
I'm hiding in your blood.

9. No Surprise (Earth Version) - James Yuill

If you want me, I will be right here
And if you love me you will notice me here

But it's no surprise that your eyes are crying my name
And it's no surprise that your eyes are seeing the same

So slow it down
Take it easy

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