Mar. 8th, 2011

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Title: Whisky Sour
Author: [ profile] maypanic 
Length: 719 words
Characters: Fitz Kreiner. References to Sam, Trix, Eighth and Ninth Doctor
Pairing: Primarily friendship
Spoilers: Not really, references minor plot points of Unnatural History and Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Summary: In which Fitz Kreiner has a birthday, a drink, a nervous breakdown, and a happy ending.

Rating: PG-13 ish
Warnings: Some slight language. Rampant Fitz tropes.
Verse: Doctor Who EDAs

Disclaimer: Don't own or have any rights to the universe in which this takes place, no disrespect is intended, not receiving any material gain from sharing this bit of silliness.

Author's notes: Today, March 7, 2011, would be the 75th anniversary of Fitz Kreiner's birth. If, that is, he had stayed on one planet and lived a chronologically boring life. Or if he were, you know. Real. In honor of this anniversary of not-birth, I have written this. I love fanfic but I really, really don't write it, so this is a bizarre anomaly. Could probably stand to be beta'd, but if I waited for that it would no longer be the correct date and also I would lose my nerve and never hit the post button, so please feel free to point out any and all errors as you see fit.

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